The Centre

Participate in the activities of the Circe graduate students, doctoral candidates, post-docs, research assistants and researchers from all administrations. Each department manages the administration of the center for a period of three years in rotation.  The head of research and director of the structure are elected every three years, through a democratic procedure described in the statutes of Circe. At the moment, the Department of Philosophy has the administrative responsibility of the center. The current director is Professor UgoVolli (Department of Philosophy) as the research manager in charge is Professor Gian Marco de Maria. Prof. Paul Heritier, the Department of Legal Studies, chairs the center.

Circe has its own office space in a historical building of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Turin. The workplace consists of two large rooms on two levels that currently offer spaces equipped for research (computer, Internet via cable and wireless access, printers, two phone lines and fax machines, desks, libraries and tools for the screening) usable from a maximum of eight researchers. Inside the structure are available library of Semiotics and Cultural Studies and the library of the Institute of Philosophy ("Guzzo Foundation"), which provide for PhD students and post-docs more space for study and research. Circe can also count on the conference hall of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Turin for the organization of events involving up to sixty people.