Filosofi(e) Semiotiche, next issue: Call for papers

Available new "Filosofi(e) Semiotiche Call for Papers dedicated to the "Pragmatic Dimension in Intercultural Communication". The number by Anna De Marco (University of Calabria) concerns "the relationship between language and culture dealt with in the field of intercultural communication".

"The focus of communicative activity that allows individuals to "do something" with their language in a given social context and to realize that competence of intercultural communicative action is well present in the linguistic and pedagogical models of language teaching and learning (Mariani, 2015 ). These topics represent the possible reflection spaces to which this call is devoted. However, theoretical and applied research that, from different perspectives and related to other disciplines (philosophy, semiotics, psychology, social and cognitive sciences, applied linguistics), investigate aspects of intercultural and cross-cultural communication will be welcomed among the contributions of this issue of magazine".

Deadline for submission of contributions is set for 10 November 2017

Grant approval notification: November 30, 2017

Publication: December 27, 2017

More information is available on the dedicated site