Meetings on Meaning 2015-2016. Semiotics of virality. For an epidemiology of Meaning

The interface between Media Ecology and Semiotics. Les liaisons dangereuses


Meeting November 11, 2015

CARLOS SCOLARI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra- Barcelona


Virality and personal branding on the social web


Meeting December 2, 2015




Great events and virality: urban regeneration and participation in the creative city



Meeting January 13, 2016

ELSA SORO (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and University of Turin)

Web- Semiotic Text and the Viral Video I Ideological Speech, Hidden Media and Virality


RAFFAELLA SCELZI (Università di Bari)

GIUSEPPE DAMONE (Università di Bari)

"Viral misinformation Factories: The Pallywood case"


Meeting February 3, 2016

UGO VOLLI, (University of Turin)

"Doctors, gurus, shamans: the health communication at the time of the Web"


Meeting February 10, 2016
SIMONA STANO (University of Turin)

"All that glitters is not gold". #TheDress, doubts and risks of Fashion 2.0 "


Meeting February 17, 2016
ELEONORA Chiais (University of Turin)

"The systems of visibility on the media and the concept of virality"


Meeting March 2, 2016
ANTONIO SANTANGELO (University of Turin)

"Virus as a figure of the imaginary"


Meeting March 9, 2016
GUIDO FERRARO (University of Turin)

"Politicians and Social media. The mobilization moves to the vir(tu)al community square"


Meeting March 16, 2016
MARTA MILIA (University of Turin)

"Does the Gender Ideology really exist? Between homophobia and banned books, narrative paths of a false myth "


Meeting March 23, 2016
FEDERICA TURCO (University of Turin)

"A nagging virality : the case of the Salento olive trees"


Meeting March 30, 2016
ALESSANDRA CHIAPPORI (University of Turin)

“A Game of Shares: agents, tools and dynamics of virality"

Meeting April 13, 2016

VICENZO UDONE CASSONE (University of Turin)



"A lesson about virology"

Meeting April 20, 2016  

CLAUDIA MANINI (San Giovanni Bosco Hospital, Turin)