Meetings on Meaning 2014: Signs and Coins

"Homo faber and semiotic products. Phonemic conio, minting of coins and exchange rules"


SAVINA RAYNAUD (Catholic University of the Sacred HeartMilan)
Meeting January 15, 2014

"The epistemic statutes of the economy as a rhetorical construction"


GIOVANNI LEGHISSA (University of Turin)

Meeting January 29, 2014

"From heaven to earth, from earth to heaven. Economic Theology and Idola Fori"


MARIA GRAZIA TURRI (University of Turin)

Meeting February 19, 2014

"Medieval theological vocabulary and construction of modern economic discourse (IX-XV century)"



GIACOMO TODESCHINI (University of Trieste)

Meeting of 27 February

"The circulation of value, paths and shortcuts"

GIULIA CERIANI (University of Siena, Baba Consulting)

Meeting March 12, 2014


"Objects of value and value of the objects. Specificity of a semiotic gaze"


GUIDO FERRARO (University of Turin)

Meeting March 20, 2014

"Semiotics of prices in the dominant economic paradigm"


Giandomenica BECCHIO (University of Turin)

Meeting March 27, 2014

"Stories to taste. The symbolic value and the commercial value of the typical products"


Antonio Santangelo (University of Turin)

Meeting April 2, 2014

"Creating value. Meaning paths between cultural models and business models"


LAURA ROLLE (University of Turin)

Meeting April 30, 2014

"The Catechism of the coin"


MASSIMO LEONE  (University of Turin)

Meeting May 14, 2014

"Value, sacrifice, enjoyment. Thoughts about the Eden"


UGO VOLLI (University of Turin)

May 28, 2014