International Symposium "Public Interpretation"

Theses on Public Hermeneutics

Prof. Zhang Jiang (Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Semiotics of the Common Sense

Prof. Massimo Leone (University of Turin)

The Shift in Meaning (The Language and Communication Strategies in the German Right Wing Movements and Groupscules)

Amir Dizdarevic, Jan Rathje, Rocio Rocco e Nora Yehia (University of Potsdam)

A Picture of the Internet, Conflict, Power and Politics on Pixelcanvas

Mattia Thibault Prof. Massimo Leone (University of Turin)


Blue Whale: the Joy of Public (over) Interpretation

Bruno Surace Prof. Massimo Leone (University of Turin)


Milk-Shake Duck is going-off Truck: Dynamics Viral Interpretations Through Discussion Platforms

Vincenzo Idone Cassone Prof. Massimo Leone (University of Turin)

Information, Semiosis and Semiospherical Turbulences

Prof. Eva Kimminich (University of Potsdam)